About Big Connor

I first began training at the age of 14. I started because I played rugby and I was always bigger and stronger than the rest of the players but I wanted to get bigger and stronger for Shot Put. I started researching online and working out in the school gym.

The school gym was good for me until I out grew it and needed a gym with heavier weights. I joined a bodybuilder gym and trained very hard since then.

I love it so much because it made me feel really good about myself seeing my body transform and noticing every change.

There are many fun things I can do with my strength such as I can press my friends over my head easily. I can beat grown men in arm wresltes and beat any of my friends with my one arm against their two. None of my friends has ever escaped my bear hug, full nelson or headlock.

My Stats

Height 6’2
Weight 240lbs
Biceps 19 “
Forearms 16 “
Waist 34 “
Chest 47 “
Neck 17 “
Shoulders 55 “
Quads 28 “
Calves 18 “
Bench Press 308 lbs
Squat 330 lbs
Deadlift 485 lbs
Curl (Bar) 154 lbs
Curl (Dumbell) 77 lbs